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The journey in Georgia continues...!

My contract with Oxfam has finally been renewed after much uncertainty as they were considering "options". But thank God it has all worked out and I will be here for another year until September 2017. This gives me time to continue with Access and develop my skills as a facilitator, and continue to take classes in Europe with the target of become a Certified Facilitator in March 2017. In the meantime, I will start many small projects to create new revenue streams, and create the life that I truly desire. I do not expect to continue with NGO work, and would much rather contribtue to explanding consciousness through Access contacts, classes and processes. So more to come in the next year. For now, we are getting ready to head to Canada for the summer vacation in July. See you all soon!

For those of you who have wondered, Voir-le-monde stands for See-the-world which has been my moto for the past few years. So why would I have a web site title in French and content in English ? The title comes from the heart, and at first I had the intention of having a bilingual site. But the amount of time it takes to keep it up-to-date in one language doesn't allow me the time for translation.

The contents of this web site may appeal to anyone wishing to get a glimpse of the countries where I have traveled to through the photo albums and written stories. Some sections such as This Week are more personal accounts of my life abroad and are aimed at friends and family who wish to follow my experiences more closely.

I feel truly blessed to live a life that takes me around the world, discovering people and places that inevitably have a great impact on me. I only wish to share some of this with you...

Check out the new Georgia and Azerbaijan photo albums !
Video-clip of the week: Rémi with his sweet dancing moves...!



Last update: June 5, 2016